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Hello Career Adventurers!

Are you seeking a new adventure? Do you thrive to create excellence in everything you do? We’d love to meet you!

Check out our current open positions to see if we have something that matches what you’re looking for.

At Sashco, we’re not just looking for employees; we’re searching for fellow adventurers ready to embark on a journey with us. Think of us as matchmakers, but instead of setting you up on awkward blind dates, we use the Culture Index Survey and a thorough interview process to get to know you better than your favorite playlist. We want to make sure we’re not just a good fit but a match made in career heaven.

So, buckle up and get ready to discover if you’re destined to join the Sashco family and embark on an exciting voyage together!

Current Open Positions

We’re family run and having a ton of fun!

We’re an 87 years-young family company that geeks out over a better way to caulk and stain. Making a ‘Good, Better, Best’ product range just doesn’t turn our crank. We’re passionate about making the highest performance product possible for each project.

Les Burch / President & Chief Goop Geek

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We’d love to have you join our team.

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