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It’s fast, it fits, and we keep it fresh. Our DOCK system is the epitome of simplicity, designed for quick and effortless setup. See how to DOCK it your way.

Our Displays

Tools for Smart Selling

Endcap Display

Build custom project or seasonal themed endcaps with a combination of trays and other products.

Rolling Rack

Our rolling racks are permanent fixtures you can move around your store and refill seasonally.

Floor Display

Floorstands and your top-selling SKUs can be placed in an aisle or on an endcap easily.

Tray Display

Trays help customers find what they need inline or build the basket at checkout.

Paired Tray

Get new products off on the right foot. We’ve paired new items with our tried and true.

Your Blueprint for Retail Excellence:

Explore the DOCK Program catalog for a seamless blend of modular design and retail innovation. Discover how to customize your space, enhance product visibility, and elevate the shopping experience. Begin your journey to retail excellence with a simple click.

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Easy Assembly Instructions

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Who We Are

We are a small but mighty team that is dedicated to delighting the customer with a better way. Since 1936, we have been leading the way in developing a better method for sealing and staining. Innovation and integrity are the driving force behind our brand. Our values of truth, trust, care, forgiveness, and respect underscore every new product created, every hallway conversation, and every business decision.

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