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How Log Home Love in Tennessee Fulfilled a Lifetime Dream.

Living the Dream: How I Turned My Childhood Fantasy into a Beautiful Lake Log Home.


Ever since I was a young girl, I dreamed of having a place on a lake. I had fallen in love with water skiing at the age of nine when I got up on my first attempt. Before we “jumped in with two feet” and took the plunge to buy a place, we tested the waters by buying a condominium to see if we would really make use of a vacation home. After three short years in that condo, we had our answer! My childhood dream became a reality in 2007 when our family built our custom lake house.

Everybody…Up to the Lake House!

Even though we’re a small family with only one son, I believe we have taken half the community up to the lake over the years. We’re on the lake by day and roasting s’mores in the fire pit by night. We love teaching kids how to wakeboard and water ski, and watch them bounce across the wakes on tubes.  


Fair Advice from a Great Builder

Center Hill Lake in middle Tennessee is one of the most beautiful lakes you’ll ever see. The water is crystal clear and it’s surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills covered in lush vegetation. Since you can’t build directly on the lake front, we chose a spot completely in the woods but only a half-mile from the dock. Our fabulous custom-home builder, Mary Ann Fair of Classic Design Construction, walked us through the process from choosing the architectural plans to furniture placement. Her suggestion on stain brand has proven to be one of her most valuable bits of advice. She had used many products over the years and recommended using Capture® and Cascade® by Sashco. Wow, was she right! The color is rich and lasting. It still takes my breath away every time we drive up to the house and I see that magnificent cedar and stone façade.  


Beauty Worth a Thousand Words

When guests see our lake home for the first time, we anticipate their reaction. They all say something like, “It’s so beautiful!” and it confirms to us that we made a wise choice. We know the cedar siding is the focal point of those remarks so we have faithfully had a coat of Cascade® Clear Coat applied every 3 to 4 years. We want those compliments to continue for years to come!  



Looking to restore or maintain your own log cabin? Our best advice to you…try before you buy.
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