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Compare Wood Stains: Transformation Stain Log & Timber.


What if you could see how your log home stain would perform before you ever applied it?

Now you can! Sashco put Transformation Log & Timber Stain to the test in side-by-side comparisons with a variety of competitive stains.

Here’s how we performed the tests:

    • Right side of panel: Sashco’s Transformation Stain Log & Timber
    • Left side of panel: a competitive stain
    • Top portion is covered, the bottom portion is exposed to the elements
    • Panels are faced due south at a 45 ̊ angle for maximum UV exposure
    • Panels are exposed for 2 years
    • Mile high elevation means 25-30% more UV radiation


What to Look For

Evidence of poor stain performance includes: discoloration, peeling, excessive cracks in the wood, or gray wood. The panels in this study show what many homeowners and contractors alike have known for years: Transformation Stain Log & Timber simply performs better over the years.


Want to see how other stains stacks up? Download the full report to get the results of this two-year-long outdoor exposure test.
Want to try Transformation Stain out on your log home? Get samples here.