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How to Tuckpoint a Chimney Correctly With Mor-Flexx

What do you get when you combine a roofing contractor and a sealant manufacturer for a chimney repair project (apart from much time spent arguing over who gets to use the rad tools)? An expert example of tuckpointing a chimney.

Recently, Sashco president Les Burch and Sashco team members Sabrina and Randy helped Shane Guerra, the owner of Synergy Property Solutions, and his team, repair a chimney. Shane used Mor-Flexx, a latex acrylic caulk designed specifically for the chimney repairs. Mor-Flexx is ideal for use on mortar between stucco, concrete, bricks, and stone, or stucco repairs.

Sashco products work. But we want to know, how do they function in the real world? How do experts use them to repair, and what can we learn from them? As Sabrina Rothfuss, a member of Sashco Sales, puts it, “this was an opportunity to get out there, climb on the roof with Shane, and watch how he used it.”

Shane explained that it was easier to complete the repair using Mor-Flexx. “We did chimney tuckpointing with Mor-Flexx, which allowed us to do it on-site without outsourcing. Ultimately, our in-house guys can apply and use the products themselves.”

Shane also explained how Mor-Flexx helped on a variety of projects. He said, “I use Mor-Flexx for many concrete and tile repairs, so it fits in well.” Many people used silicone or caulking that shed water over time and didn’t really repair or resurface the concrete – Mor-Flexx does.”

Les, noted that, “Being on the roof and chimney was an excellent experience. As we were up there, we demonstrated how straightforward it is to install Mor-Flexx because it fills up the joints between the bricks, and you just strike it flat – you don’t need to tool or shape it much because it naturally shrinks when it dries into mortar joints.”

Sabrina sums it up nicely, “We love learning from our contractors. They help us keep our promise only to provide products that work. When we learn from them, and they learn from us, it’s a win for everyone. Today is an example of an awesome opportunity to explain the benefits of our products to the contractor, but more important, to learn, learn, learn – there’s a lot more to learn!”