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The Best Way to Boost Your Log Home Contractor Business, Now!

Find out what other contractor know about best way to boost your log home contractor business, now!

It can be hard to “talk shop” with other log finishing contractors when most of the time you work in the boonies.

Wayne Bell, owner of Log Home Care in Ohio and one of the instructors for Sashco’s Zero Failures Business Focus class, has started a new ongoing educational support opportunity for log home services contractor business owners.

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Fact is, outside of Sashco’s Zero Failures Business Focus seminar, there are few structured opportunities for log home contractors, especially owners, to meet and discuss the industry on a regular basis. Sometimes the tips, information, and advice shared by other owners in these informal conversations prove to be immensely helpful and Wayne sought a solution to help those connections to continue and a way to strengthen the industry as a whole.

To that end, Wayne and some other business owners formed the CEO Mutual Mentoring program specifically to create a forum for business support in the log home services industry. Here’s how it works:

Every member is encouraged to bring suggestions, insight, ideas and questions to participate. Topic specific conference calls are also planned around particular subjects of business concern and open to members of all groups.

Sashco is excited to see Wayne and others continue to grow and improve their businesses.

For more information about the CEO Mutual Mentoring program and to request a membership application, email Wayne at [email protected].