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Air Tight Sealing & Chinking: A Log Home Love Story.

A trip to the southwest and the beauty of the Rocky Mountains were the catalysts for our log home “love affair.” We knew we would not be happy until we had one! Having a construction background, I decided to build our dream log home. That was thirty-three years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Love for Log Homes

Log homes are such unique structures that working on them brings us a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Nothing is more gratifying than the praise and thanks received from satisfied customers.  Walking into a log home is like receiving a big warm hug from someone you love and we feel privileged to work on them, as well as live in the one we built.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Our company, Airtight Chinking and Sealing, is a full-service log home finishing, maintenance and restoration company, and we use Sashco log home products exclusively. When customers ask about other products, we explain that we live in a log home and have used Capture/Cascade on the exterior and Capture/Symphony on the interior. The beauty of each log and its wood grain and characteristics are allowed to shine through the translucent pigment of the Capture stain. Since pictures “are worth a thousand words”, we share photos and stories of homes that have required a complete restoration, due to “other product” failure.  Their reaction to the “after” photos is priceless.

Great Results

Texas is not a typical location for a log home, nor is the climate particularly log friendly. Make no mistake: restoration work on these homes is labor intensive, dirty, tedious, and costly. Only those who are passionate about bringing log homes back to their original beauty will endure the process. It is crucial that the proper products be used to protect the home and keep it from returning to a deteriorated state. We can say, with conviction, that a sixteen year old log home finished with the Capture/Cascade two-part system still looks brand new all those years later! For that reason, the only products that go on our jobs is Sashco’s Capture Stain, followed by Cascade clear coat.

A Great Partnership

In the competitive business world, reputation is everything. We are very proud of our reputation and the friendships we’ve maintained with each one of our homeowner customers. Because we stand by our workmanship, it is important to partner with a company that stands behind their products. It’s why we use Sashco — our reputation is important to them, too.

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Looking to restore or maintain your own log cabin? Our best advice to you…try before you buy.
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