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Caulking Tips: 3 Reasons Why Lexel is Better Than Silicone Caulk

Are you tired of silicone caulk that just doesn’t work? So were we. It’s why Sashco invented Lexel.

We finally solved the problem of ugly, failing silicone caulk. Read our caulking tips and learn why.


There are actually closer to 10 reasons why Lexel is better than silicone (hundreds when  judged by all the 5-star reviews found on the internet…but we digress). We’ll focus on the top three today.

1) Lexel is 19 times clearer than silicone. Lexel® makes “clear” silicone look just plain silly for calling itself “clear.”

2) Lexel is paintable. Silicone isn’t. Simple as that.

3) Lexel actually sticks to the surface, and it stays stuck. Silicone tends to lose adhesion over time, and can’t stick to wet surfaces at all. Lexel® sticks to a wider variety of surfaces, and can be applied to wet surfaces.

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