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You’re ready to restore a historic log home? It’s exciting but requires special knowledge. Therefore, before you dive into any historical preservation or log home restoration project, here’s what you need to know from a restoration expert.

The background

Recently, Mark Nelson of Nelson Restoration worked on a Grand Teton National Park project. Mark partnered with Sashco to provide key decision makers with the best information regarding log structures preservation. A report by Sashco contrasted traditional preservation methods such as mortar and linseed oil with modern products.

Both approaches were discussed in the report, which was compiled with Mark’s input. Modern products are often easier to use and cost less in the long run, even though traditional methods require more maintenance. Also discussed were the environmental impacts of each approach, noting that modern products are typically more sustainable.

The rest of the story…

The report concluded that using modern products to preserve log structures is a viable option. Above all, it gave stakeholders the information they needed to make an informed decision .