Step 4 - Seal / Chink

Sashco has the chinking, caulk and sealant solutions you need to keep your log home moisture free and airtight.

Conceal® Log Home Caulk

Water-based, acrylic, latex, textured wood caulk comes in seven colors and maintains a tight seal

Log Builder® Sealant

Water-based caulk for log home repair creates a tight seal to keep out water, dust, bugs & wind

Log Jam® Chinking

Synthetic mortar log home chinking that prevents cracks & protects log homes from wind, bugs, dust, rain & pollen

Caulking and Chinking Tools and Accessories

Chinking and caulking doesn’t start and finish with just a tube of goop. It’s why we offer all the accessories and tools you need to do the job right, from backer rods and grip strips to caulking guns and snorklers

Inspiration Gallery

See Sashco’s staining, chinking and caulking products on real log homes and get inspired.