At Sashco, we take pride in building products that work, last, and outperform the competition.

Step 1 – Prep

CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener

Oxygenated bleach wood and log cleaner and brightener


Media Blasting

Sashco has all the equipment you need to media blast your log or wood home to prepare it for the perfect staining job.

Finish Sanding

For easy and fast finish sanding after power washing and media blasting

Step 2 – Preserve


Spray-on water-based borate log home preservative

Cobra™ Rods

Copper and borate wood preservative rods

Step 3 – Stain


Clear finishing top coat for use over top of Sashco’s Capture® log home stain

Capture® Log Stain

Water-based elastomeric log home finish and stain

Transformation Stain® Siding and Trim

Oil-in-water hybrid wood siding stain that’s easy to maintain

Transformation Stain® Log and Timber

Oil-based log and cabin stain


Water-based clear interior wood finish

Stay Clean Mildewcide Additive

Prevents surface mildew growth between maintenance coats.

Step 4 – Chink & Seal


Water-based acrylic latex textured wood caulk

Log Builder®

Water-based caulk for log home repair and sealing

Log Jam®

When other chinking pulls away, Log Jam keeps its seal.

Caulking and Chinking Tools and Accessories

Chinking and caulking doesn’t start and finish with just a tube of goop. It’s why we offer all the accessories and tools you need to do the job right the first time.

Step 5 – Enjoy!

Inspiration Gallery

Not sure what color Sashco log stain to choose? Want to see a log home staining job in process? Check out our log home inspiration gallery to get, well, inspired.