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How to Remove Old Caulk in a Bathtub or Shower

Are you tired of looking at mold and mildew on your shower walls? Good news: Sashco’s MildewFree* can solve that problem. MildewFree is guaranteed to resist nasty mildew growth or we’ll pay a contractor to replace the caulk for you. Check out the video above for a step-by-step guide on how to replace old caulking, and keep reading for the top 5 frequently asked questions about MildewFree.

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1. How long will MildewFree last? Does it come with a warranty?
MildewFree is the only caulk that comes with a 7 year warranty that actually includes labor should the product need to be re-installed. This is in addition to Sashco’s normal lifetime warranty that provides product replacement. Refer to warranty details on the packaging, product brochure or tech data sheet.

2. What is MildewFree made of?
MildewFree is a 100% water-based acrylic latex caulk specifically formulated to resist mildew growth.

3. Can I use MildewFree outdoors?
No, MildewFree is not recommended for outdoor use. It is better to use Sashco’s other products specifically designed to withstand the rigors of weathering and movement that are common to home exteriors.

4. Can I use MildewFree to repair grout? What size?
Yes, it will work well to repair grout. Only use on grout lines less than 1/4″ wide. There are better options if you have textured grout or wider grout joints.

5. Can I scrub MildewFree with normal household bathroom cleaners?
Yes. MildewFree can be scrubbed over and over again, even with abrasive cleaners, without getting damaged.

Now that you know how to replace old caulking in a bath tub or shower, you can say goodbye to mildew problems forever!

* cured sealant is mildew resistant