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How Can You Reduce Callbacks for Repair Jobs?

How can you reduce callbacks for repair jobs?

We talked to high-performance builder, Matt Risinger of the Build Show to see what tips he had to share.

What do six months in the field working as a warranty manager teach you? Two things, callbacks are common and costly!

That was the eye-opening experience that taught Matt Risinger why high-performance products truly matter. Matt and his team have been building architecturally driven homes that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship, durability, efficiency, and comfort. As host of the “Build Show,” he has become a nationally recognized expert in building science and high-performance construction. Through education and practice, Matt is driven to elevate the standards of the building industry.

Benefit from Matt’s experience with some of his top tips for avoiding the pain of callbacks.

Material selection is VERY important!

It’s one thing to filter callbacks as the warranty manager for a prominent builder. It’s a very different beast when the company is your own. Customers aren’t calling a warranty manager. They’re calling you! After making many costly mistakes, Matt realized that not all products are created equal. Especially when it comes to caulk and sealants, Matt’s top tip is to draw a hard line for durability and reliability. Matt explains that “When it comes to selecting a sealant, I’m always asking myself, ‘Is this going to be better than what I’ve used? And will it be lasting and durable?” You feel a well-built home when you walk in. So does your customer. A high-performance sealant matters big time.

To learn more about high-performance sealants watch this Sashco & Build Show Webinar:

Think long-term.

You know the scenario. You’re standing in the caulking aisle. There are countless choices. Do you choose the tube that runs you a couple of bucks, or do you opt for a high-performance sealant that will last? Even if it means paying two or three times more? According to Matt, a high-performance caulk like Big Stretch pays dividends well worth a few extra dollars. “I started using Big Stretch because it created very few callbacks. I love Big Stretch. It’s a little more than a commodity product that will look great the day you install them. But one month, one year, five years later, it’s going to look very different. A high-performance product has to adhere well, bend, and stay flexible and elastic. Low-cost products may have one quality. Big Stretch is the one that has all three. Easy choice.,” explains Matt.

Coach the customer!

You’re the pro! Your customer depends on you to help educate and guide them. They have input on the budget, yes. But what they want is excellent work. Help your client understand why product selection is essential and how the minimal cost of high-performance products ultimately gives them what they desire most, a well-built house to enjoy for years. Matt encourages you to translate his experience to your customers. He says, “I’ve experienced a lot of failures in my 25-plus years in business. Those mistakes have driven me to want to pick the right sealant for the application. Regardless of cost, because how much does it cost to come back and redo caulk that’s failed? Probably several hundred and a man’s day of work. Not to mention my reputation and the trust of my customers. It’s just not worth it.”

Are you a pro passionate about high performance? Want more tips about how to sell that passion to your customers? Watch the entire episode of Les’s Corner!

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