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Borates: The Most Affordable Way to Protect Your Log Home.

Borates are one of the most affordable ways to protect your log home. You’re basically buying low-cost home insurance. That’s a no-brainer! These preservative products are designed to protect your wood from rot and wood-ingesting insects. Adding this affordable step at the beginning can save you headaches down the road, including the time and money it costs to replace damaged wood.

There are two primary types of Borate wood and log home preservatives on the market.

The first is a borate-based powder that is mixed with water and then sprayed on your log home, such as Tim-bor®.

The other type is still borate-based, but in a liquid glycol mixture that is applied directly out of the container. Penetration of both types is consistent. Glycol mixtures are considerably more expensive, though.

Tim-bor® Log Home Preservative

Tim-bor log home and wood preservative

Applying Tim-bor® is easy! You simply mix the powder with water, then spray or brush the liquid mixture on your wood prior to staining. Keep in mind that wood preservatives can only be applied to bare, stain-free wood.

Borate Rods

Borate-based rods, such as Cobra™ Rods (shown above) are available in a variety of sizes to fit most square or round timbers. These rods are best installed in high moisture areas at increased risk for decay, such as: lower log courses, corners, exposed purlins, rafters or overhangs, exposed log railings, and below windows, doors, or dormers. They are very easy to install: simply drill a hole, install the rod, and seal with caulking. As always, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended placement instructions. Then, check these every year when you do your semi-annual maintenance checks. If one has started dissolving, insert a new one. Oh – and make sure you deal with the source of the moisture!