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How to Mix The Perfect Stain Every Time.

Whether you’re using Sashco stain or any other stain, mixing matters – big time! For the look and coverage, you want, thorough mixing is a must! Check out Sashco’s quick tips for perfect stain mixing every time.

The best and preferred method is a drill-driven, squirrel-cage type mixer. No matter what method you choose, though, a few time-tested techniques will help ensure the most consistent color.

  1. Scrape all the pigment off the bottom of the pail, then thoroughly mix it in.
  2. Interblend pails from different lot numbers.
  3. Stir the stain every 10-15 minutes throughout the application to keep the pigment evenly distributed.

Looking for a flexible tinting method?

We’re here to help with that too! How’s mixing the tint in right on the job site sound? Yep, picture your own mobile paint store. Flex Tint gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose how much of each color you need and to create the right color on the spot.

For the best success, follow these expert tinting tips!

1. Stay organized.
To keep colors categorized, start by removing the peel-and-stick color label from the pigment cartridge and apply it to the pail. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

2. Don’t get tipsy!
When you’re ready to open the color cartridge, hold it nozzle up! Cut the nozzle carefully, and don’t tip the cartridge. The pigment is liquid, so skipping this tip means one thing, a mess!

3. Use the right tool.
One thing remains the same, a drill-driven, squirrel-cage type mixer is still the best choice to achieve the most evenly dispersed, thoroughly mixed stain. The right tool for the job makes all the difference. Simply mix Flex Tint into Capture or Transformation Stain for 3-5 minutes.

Open, pour, mix, done! Flex Tint makes it that easy to get the right color, in the right quantity, right now.