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The Surprising Way to Use Lexel Clear Sealant.

Sashco products have been used for many things over the years, but none quite as storied as our clear sealant, Lexel® .

A friend of Sashco once asked, “I’m an Irishman! Will any Sashco product seal the crack in my stein?”

Indeed, many Sashco products are ideal for even the most random fixes, perhaps even the occasional stein cracks, among other things. Particularly Lexel® has been used in some very interesting applications. Known for its exceptional adhesion to a wide array of materials and its unparalleled clarity, Lexel® is ideal for normal, everyday sealing jobs and many off-the-beaten-path projects. Check out more Lexellent ways to Caulk It!

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Normal jobs

Off-the-beaten-path jobs

Sealing leaky downspoutsLXL Gutters Holding together sill plates, then strapping people to them and seeing how it’ll hold.
(Have you seen the Lexel® commercial?)®HoldOver450Pounds
Leaky air conditioners or evaporative coolersLXL Rooftop AC Mosaic art
(The clarity allows light to pass through the glass like none other.)Lexel Mosaic Application
Window and door sealingLXL Window Brick Turkey decoy repairs
(It’s true…Lexel® sticks great to feathers.)How Do You Lexel? Make a Turkey Decoy
Trim sealingLXL Trim Kayak sealing
(Did you know there are a few kayak manufacturers who routinely use Lexel® in their manufacturing process?)Lexel Kayak Application
HVAC sealingLXL Ductwork Stein crack repairs
(This one is courtesy of

We’re always interested in learning about your unique uses. So, do share!