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How to Pick the Perfect Log Home Stain: A Step-by-Step Guide.

In today’s “Here to Help!”, we’re talking about what log home stain and marriage have in common.

Choosing a stain and stain color are a bit like marriage. You see, just dreaming of the perfect color for your log home is kind of like dating. It’s fun and fairly risk-free. Next, you buy (or build!) the perfect log home – the engagement, if you will? More committed, but still really exciting. It all leads up to commitment day – marriage! The “til death do us part” leap. Gulp.

Does choosing a stain color feel a bit like marriage to you? Does it feel permanent, overwhelming, and cause a bit of cold feet? We get it. You’ve come so far. Your log home is so close to looking just the way it does in your mind’s eye. What if the stain just isn’t right and the love affair takes a disappointing turn?

We may not be marriage counselors, but we are your personal stain counselors. We have the answers you need to put your stain fears to rest.  Call us today at 800-767-5656 and let us help you choose just the perfect type and color of stain. We’ll even send you samples, so you don’t have to surrender your color fate to a color chip! Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through everything you need to leave you feeling like you’re on a honeymoon.