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Introducing the Easy Way to Find a Contractor.

Log homes are special. Not just any ol’ contractor will do the trick. Now, it has never been easier to find a contractor. At Sashco, we committed to providing the best log home maintenance products. We’re also committed to elevating the log home industry by training and educating specialty log home contractors. We want you to have confidence in the products and who you hire to apply them.

Let us help put your mind at ease. Our list of log home contractors is not another list of every contractor who’s ever laid eyes on a log home. Nope. Sashco’s online Find a Contractor tool is a list of contractors who specialize in log home finishing and restoration. In fact, Sashco is so committed to making sure your restoration or maintenance job goes well, we’ll check back with you to make sure the contractors on our website follow-up with you, deliver a quality job, and leave you with a smile on your face.

But wait! Before you contact anyone…

Download and read this handy article, 11 Tips When Looking for a Log Home Contractor. Then, click below to get started!

Prefer human voices to the automagic internet?

Not sure you want to find your perfect match via the world wide web? No problem. Simply call us at 800-767-5656. A live human being will answer and will be happy to give you contractor names over the phone, too (we’re old-fashioned like that).