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888-Log-Guys Expert Tips for Maintianing Quality at Scale

Nicole Carr feature

Every month we feature a contractor, business, or success story. After all, learning from each other is one of the best ways to grow. Up this month: Nicole Carr with 888-Log-Guys in Ozark, MI. Nicole is managing 10+ log home finishing and restoration crews across 15 states, all while maintaining a customer-first mindset. Keep reading for more details on how she got started and what’s helped make 888-Log-Guys successful.

How’d you get started in log home finishing?

I was first introduced to log home finishing six years ago when I joined 888-Log Guys as a business consultant. I continued to consult for several years and ultimately, purchased the company with my business partner.

How do you measure success and maintain quality at scale?

We are metric-driven and measure success through the satisfaction of our customers and employees. Both clients and crews complete quality checklists and satisfaction surveys after every job. We ask specific communication, procedural, and customer service questions that help us rate our performance.

We review feedback openly across our company and offer a bonus program to crew members based on our performance. This system has been critical in developing and streamlining our processes as we’ve grown over the years. For example, feedback helped us to recognize and fill communication gaps with our customers. Consistent, subtle changes have tangibly improved our performance and satisfaction rates.

What’s your advice to someone first starting out in the business?

Be ready to learn. Do research. You can become a master of your craft by taking advantage of the resources that are available to you. It isn’t easy, but you will set yourself apart from the rest. There is a huge demand for log home finishing and not enough trained professionals.

Are you seeing any trends in log home finishing? What’s the future look like for 888?

We are seeing requests for very dark stains for the first time. As far as 888-Log Guys goes, we are lining up work for next season and are excited for the future. We plan on bringing staff to Zero Failures each year to stay current on log home finishing products and science.

Thanks for chatting with us for a bit, Nicole.

Reach out to Nicole to learn more about her business and head over to to see if your home is in their service area.