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The 3 Best Reasons for Using a Mold-Proof Caulk.

Out of all the spaces in your home, the bathroom is one that is most likely to be a breeding ground for mold. Even if you keep your bathroom clean, the moisture in the environment makes it fairly easy for mold to grow. Using mold-proof caulk when renovating your bathroom can help prevent mold from growing in joints or crevices. 

Whether you’re a DIYer renovating your own bathroom or a general contractor who wants to provide superior performance for your clients, Sashco’s mold-proof caulks are the smart choice for any bathroom space. Here are three reasons why you should use mold-proof caulk in your bathroom.

What is Mold-Proof Caulk? 

Sashco’s CleanSeal mold-proof caulk is designed specifically for use in moist environments, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. This caulk is water-resistant, and it also uses active enzymes to prevent mold from growing over time. 

Bathroom surfaces are consistently wet and create the perfect environment for mold to grow. If you use a caulk that isn’t water-resistant, water could seep into the caulk and actually cause mold to grow underneath the surface. Since you can’t see this type of mold, it is difficult to clean and can go undetected for a long time. 

Additionally, CleanSeal contains environmentally friendly enzymes that prevent natural oils from building up on the caulk and feeding into mold. These enzymes are designed to keep working for a long period of time and continuously keep your caulking mold-free. While there are other sealants on the market that claim to be mold resistant, they typically use mildewcides, which can lose their effectiveness over time. Many mildewcides are also harmful for the environment, whereas CleanSeal’s bio-friendly enzymes are much safer.

3 Reasons to Use Mold-Proof Caulk

Enhanced Flexibility

Over time, it’s normal for your house to move and settle. You may not notice it happening, but these shifts could actually cause your caulking to crack if you’re not using the right products. When your caulking cracks, it’s much easier for water to seep in and mold to start building up. 

While other caulks are rigid and can break when your house moves, CleanSeal is highly elastic and actually stretches with the building. This is because of its co-polymer construction, which keeps it flexible.

Proven Technology

CleanSeal uses proven anti-mold technology to keep your bathroom fresh and free of mold and mildew. This is because we use unique anti-mold enzymes, which you can’t find in any other caulking product. Instead of killing the mold after it grows, these enzymes actually prevent the mold from growing in the first place. The enzymes ‘eat’ the natural oils that feed the mold. 

Additionally, these enzymes are environmentally friendly and safe to use indoors. They stay active over time, so they will continue to prevent mold from growing years after application. This superior performance makes CleanSeal a great product for contractors. However, CleanSeal is also very easy to apply and clean up, so it’s equally good for DIYers who want to renovate their bathroom on a budget.

Superior Adhesiveness

Finally, CleanSeal mold-proof caulk is highly adhesive. This means that it creates a fully waterproof seal on any surface that you apply it to, which can prevent mold from growing inside. Additionally, this caulk won’t peel off over time, even with the consistent wear and tear that the bathroom gets. Since CleanSeal is so adhesive, you can scrub away at the tiles to get them clean without worrying about the caulking peeling off.

Choosing Your Mold-Proof Caulk

While there are many caulking products that claim to be mold-resistant, Sashco’s CleanSeal is a superior option because of its unique mold prevention technology. Not only can it prevent mold from growing in the years to come, but it provides superior adhesiveness and elasticity. It’s also very easy to apply and smooth out for a clean finish. 

If you need a mold-resistant caulk for other areas of your home, Sashco’s Lexel is another reliable option. Lexel is a rubber-based sealant that works on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It has a clear, paintable formula that looks great and blends in with many different surfaces. It can also be applied wet or dry. 

Whether you need to renovate your own bathroom or you want to provide superior performance for your clients, Sashco CleanSeal is a great caulking product. Using durable and mold-resistant caulk for your bathroom can help keep your bathroom clean and healthy for years to come.