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Empower Your Students with Expert Sealant Knowledge

Sashco is revolutionizing the way caulking is taught in trade schools. Our Class Pack Program, led by our President and caulking expert Les Burch, provides trades educators with an invaluable Caulking 101 course video. Gain the confidence to teach your students the art of sealant application and the importance of using high-performance products.

Les Burch / President & Chief Goop Geek

Sashco’s Class Pack Program: Elevate Your Caulking Curriculum

What’s Inside the Class Pack?

Each Class Pack is carefully designed with students in mind. It includes all the necessary tools to set up Caulking 101 stations, along with fun merchandise to engage students. Our aim is to make learning about caulking interactive and informative.

You’ll get enough product for each of your students to participate hands-on. We provide a caulk gun for each student, and the relevant materials for the applications covered in the Caulking 101 course. We also provide you with supplies for clean-up. You will gain access to the online video course and other helpful resources for educating your students.

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Elevate your teaching and inspire your students by incorporating Sashco’s Class Pack into your curriculum.

Feel free to share any specific challenges or goals you have in teaching caulking and sealant application.

After submitting the form, our team will review your applicaiton and get in touch with further details on how to receive your Class Pack. We’re excited to partner with you in enhancing trade education!

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Sashco is committed to supporting educators every step of the way. Once enrolled, you’ll have access to our team for any questions or advice needed to make the most of the Class Pack in your classroom.

Have questions about enrollment? Contact Katie Southard, Marketing Engagement Manager, at [email protected] or (720) 241-2289.

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