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Our Story

Sashco through the years

Donald J. Burch registered the Colorado Steel Sash Co. despite a struggling depression economy. He knew there was a market for an elastic-glazing putty that didn’t oil separate in the can.


Don added caulking to his product list, built his first manufacturing plant, and began turning out both caulk and putty in 100 and 200-gallon used bread-dough mixers.


By the 50s, Sashco was operating seven different warehouses across the U.S. and opened a second manufacturing facility in Seattle, Wa.


In 1954, Sashco’s visionary perished in a plane crash. Don left behind a pregnant wife, a 4-year-old son, and a thriving business. For a decade, innovation at Sashco stopped.


Don’s widow Alice became determined to preserve the company for her children and took over management in mid-1964.


Les Burch, Don and Alice’s son, joined the company as a graduate chemical engineer and subsequently became president.


Presently, Sashco, still a family business with Les’ sons involved, manufactures and markets sealants, caulks, and stains for DIYers and contractors alike.


Sashco’s Values

Our five values reflect how our business’s ability to withstand tragedy taught us that good business means emphasizing people first.



All values rest on a foundation of truth. Without it, we can’t get to dependable common ground. It’s challenging because the truth can sometimes have immediate and negative consequences. Having eyes on the long term gives us the faith to “truth-it” in tough situations.


We trust that each new person we meet, whether customer, vendor, or new Sashco member wants to do their best. We find that when they don’t there is almost always a system problem. We go after fixing the system.


When we were developing our values the subject of care surfaced. Do we care about each other? Do we need to care? As we looked back at our discussions we realized that, in a way, we were debating about who we didn’t have to care about! Answer? It is all-inclusive.


Forgiveness might be our most unusual value. How does it work itself out? What it doesn’t mean is that we tolerate chronic poor performance. What it does mean is we don’t pigeonhole people by holding grudges and we give ourselves opportunities to improve. Our best hires have been those people we have hired – back!


To respect another, for their talent, their opinions, their knowledge is to first not esteem ourselves too highly. Humility is the doorway to showing respect. Others often bring surprising insights and abilities to the table if we listen.


Meet The Sashco Team

Our five values reflect how our business’s ability to withstand tragedy taught us that good business means emphasizing people first.


Les Burch


After graduating in 1972 from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO with a BS in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering, Les Burch started as the Laboratory Manager at Sashco Incorporated. He became President of the family-owned manufacturing company in 1973 when his mother Alice Hauptman retired from the position.

In September of 1984, Sashco Sealants joined the Adhesive and Sealant Council, a national trade group for manufacturers. Les served on various committees and groups with the association and was elected its Chairman in 1998. He served on the Board of Directors for over 30 years.

He and his wife Carol have 2 sons, Jeffrey and Nickolas. Both sons have joined as the 3rd generation working in the family company.

Jeff Burch

Strategic Selling Manager

Jeff began his career in digital systems design at a Fortune 1000 company for such diverse industries as aerospace, industrial automation, networking, and medical equipment. Having progressed through project management, he landed in technical sales, eventually joining senior management heading the Defense and Aerospace engineering market sector. 

Wanting to help usher in Sashco’s next phase of growth, he joined Sashco in 2012, leading both the Home Improvement and Log sales teams. He has a passion for great ideas, great strategy, and products that truly delight customers. He helps lead our large market and new market growth strategies and hopes to continue to bring Sashco’s great products to even more customers.

Nick Burch

Log Segment Leader & Sales Manager

Nick has a background in both finance and marketing but got his real start at Sashco filling caulking tubes as a baby (labor laws were less strict in the ’80s). He loves Sashco’s small company environment but he would also love the company to grow. 

Nick is a people-person and a numbers guy. His desk is always a mess but his excel spreadsheets are meticulously constructed. Nick’s wife is a psychologist and she has given up trying to figure him out. He cherishes the challenge of providing the log homeowner a more excellent experience. 

Tim Laughlin

Vice President, Sales

Tim’s had a (too?) long career in Consumer Products. He has had the good fortune to work for multiple creative, entrepreneurial, high-performance companies and Sashco is no different. He doesn’t believe the customer is always right, but that they do have a pretty strong say in the matter. His philosophy is to be appreciative of the business that we have and to remember that it is not given but needs to be earned every day.

Catherine Gray

Executive Assistant

Cathy is a seasoned C-level Executive Assistant with 24 years’ experience.

As an active member of Sashco’s Leadership Team for over 10 years, Cathy contributes to Sashco’s strong company culture by leading the “Dream Team” event planning team with passion and organization, promoting teamwork. She has also taken her organizational and strong leadership skills into the project management arena leading the successful launch of new products on-time and on budget.

A Colorado native, Cathy enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and camping but her favorite pastime is spending quality time with her husband of 33 years, their three grown children and her beautiful Golden Retriever, Tequila Rose.

Charlotte Mustard

Director of Marketing


Charlotte is a high-energy, entrepreneurial, and self-driven leader with passion for leveraging insights to drive strategy and growth.   

Bringing nearly 15 Years of Industry Experience

With breadth across retailers and manufacturers, Charlotte has driven business strategy in increasing leadership roles for firms ranging from 100M to 13B in annual revenue.

Created and enabled first-ever syndicated analytics marketing capabilities across 5 divisions for Newell Brands.

Within 18 months, successfully carved out and turned around the $100M+ Goody brand which had run negative 40% declines YOY.



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