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Recaulking a Bathtub with the Best Bathtub Sealant.

Over time, wear and tear on your bathtub can cause the caulk to break down. However, you can actually repair your tub on your own with the right sealant. Not all sealants are created equal – you’ll need an option that’s easy to apply and will provide long-lasting performance. Sashco CleanSeal is the contractor’s choice for tub repair and other kitchen and bath projects. Here’s why CleanSeal is the most reliable option for DIY bathtub repairs.

What to Look For In Bathroom Sealant?

It’s very common for caulk to peel away from your bathtub over time. When caulk gets old, it can crack or peel away from the tub, allowing water and mold to slowly seep through. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can also cause structural issues with the bathtub. Additionally, cracking or peeling caulk can allow mold to grow, which can cause mild health problems in some circumstances.

Luckily, it is fairly easy to re-caulk your bathtub on your own. You’ll need to remove the old caulk with a razor blade and then thoroughly scrub away any residue. Then, you can tape off the area where you want to re-apply the trim, and use a bathroom-friendly sealant to create a joint.

Not every caulking product is going to be appropriate for bathroom use, which is why it’s important to choose wisely. The bath and shower area sees a lot of wear and tear over time, and the constant exposure to moisture can break down caulk very quickly. You’ll need a caulk that is specifically designed to be waterproof and mold-resistant to avoid this issue.

It’s also important that your caulking is both highly elastic and highly adhesive. Adhesion prevents the caulk from peeling off after it’s fully set. The elasticity is what prevents the caulk from cracking over time. It’s very normal for homes to move slightly as they settle. If your caulking isn’t elastic, it will crack when the house moves. However, if the caulk is highly elastic, it will shift with the house without breaking.

Finally, you’ll want a product that is very easy to apply and smooth out. As a DIYer, it may take a bit of practice to master caulk application. You’ll want a formula that goes on steady and is easy to smooth out with your finger and a bit of water. It’s also best to look for a sealant that sets relatively quickly.

What Sealant Do Contractors Recommend?

Using a professional-quality sealant can help you save time and get a better result when fixing your tub. CleanSeal by Sashco is a caulking product designed specifically for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that see a lot of moisture. Although it is very durable and provides the long-lasting performance that contractors need, it is also easy enough for the average homeowner to use and get great results.

CleanSeal is particularly good for sealing areas around the bathtub, which are often prone to mold. This is because CleanSeal contains anti-mold enzymes, which prevent mold from building up in the first place. It does this by repelling the natural oils that feed mold. This caulk is also highly waterproof and prevents moisture from getting in the cracks and causing further damage to your bathroom.

Additionally, CleanSeal is highly adhesive. This is particularly important in a bathroom, where you might be scrubbing and cleaning more often than in other rooms of the house. The adhesion prevents the caulk from tearing away over time. As with many of Sashco’s caulking products, CleanSeal is elastic, so it will stretch with your tub as it moves instead of cracking.

One of the features that makes CleanSeal a great choice for DIY tub repair is how easy it is to apply and clean up. You can apply it directly from the tube to your bathtub and clean it up with water for a smooth finish. Other caulking products, such as Lexel, require chemicals to clean up, which isn’t the case with CleanSeal.

Final Thoughts

When repairing your bathtub, you need a sealant that’s going to stay put for years to come. Trust what the pros use and opt for Sashco’s CleanSeal for your tub trim. It’s easy enough for beginner DIY-ers to use, but it provides all the performance that professional contractors expect.