Todd - 2016 Sashco Prowler Winner

Todd – Sashco’s 2016 Prowler Winner

Congratulations to Todd, Sashco’s 2016 Prowler winner. Todd is Sashco’s Human Resource Manager and has been with Sashco for nine years. (Nine years of working with the crazy and fun bunch here at Sashco!)

Todd is also the first driver of the new Prowler, which just so happens to be a DeLorean. (No, it doesn’t have a flux capacitor, unfortunately, and it still runs on regular unleaded fuel, not trash.)
We sat down with Todd (OK – we had an email and hallway conversation) to ask a few questions about his win.

Q: What went through your head when you heard a crazy Doc (aka Les, our Fearless Leader and company President) from Back to the Future calling your name as the Prowler winner?
A: I was really shocked because I didn’t even know that I had been nominated until five minutes prior!  Even when Doc Brown called my name, I wasn’t completely sure what was going on because I didn’t see the old Prowler.

Q: Where have you taken the Prowler/DeLorean this year?
A: The most entertaining trip was Back To The Future day at Totally 80’s Pizza in Ft. Collins.  There were eight DeLoreans’ at the event!

Q: True or False: You have had more than 20 different people in the new Prowler with you.
A: Definitely true!  Between Break To The Future and just letting people sit in it, I’m well over 20.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working at Sashco?
A: At the top of the list is the culture and the unity that exists within the company. Honestly, second on the list is probably the location. I’m only 15 minutes from work. The fact that there is a great company like Sashco so close to home is really cool!

Congratulations to Todd on his well-deserved win!