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Team Members Test the New Cleanz Formula


What do you do with a team that truly believes in creating Products That Work? You let them test out new formula changes, of course! 

The research and development team at Sashco saw the need to improve the formula for our active enzyme, acrylic latex caulk: Cleanz. Water-based products are extremely convenient to use, but they can be vulnerable to early water exposure which causes bubbling, sagging, and water build-up beneath the surface – that’s not the user experience Sashco is known for. What if Cleanz could develop water resistance faster than any other water-based kitchen and bath caulk around?   

So, it was back to the drawing board to do ‘the impossible’ – maintaining its objective of actively preventing mold and mildew by eliminating the build-up that feeds it, while preserving that smooth, strong seal. Once a new formula was created, a group of Sashco team members volunteered to test the product out, in their own showers. 

One volunteer, Katie in Denver, CO, shared her experience, “I was given two L-shaped brackets: one for the old formula and one for the new. Using Sashco’s caulk gun, I put down a 5/16 bead of Cleanz, tooled it with my finger, and let it cure for 17 hours before showering.”  


Allowing the new formula appropriate (and necessary!) time to cure allows the caulk to dry creating a film of protective skin sealing and setting into the nooks and crannies of your bathroom and kitchen.  

After curing, it was shower time – time to put the formula to the test. Katie observed, “I noticed after the second shower, the Old Cleanz formula started to pull away a little at the edges and it was softer than before I showered. The new Cleanz looks great and it’s not any softer!” 

After seven showers in four days, Katie reported the Old Cleanz formula was failing so badly – it had to go; but, the new Cleanz formula retained its shape, didn’t bubble or take on water. “I could have left it in there for weeks if I really wanted to!”  


Other volunteers experienced similar results – Jason in Nashville, TN, reported, “I let it cure for about 22 hours before showering – the old formula washed out, but the new formula did not!” This feedback was extremely helpful comparing the cure time and results in differing climates.   

It takes a full team of dedicated individuals, even those who offer to bring work home for tests, to uphold the standard of Products That Work! and share their experiences. Each piece of feedback, from observations of water sensitivity to dry time, are pieces of the puzzle used to keep improving products, such as Cleanz