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At Sashco, our foundation, all we do and decide, every bit of our direction, is built around five foundational values: truth, trust, care, forgiveness, and respect. We’ve been operating by these core values for more than 85 years.

When we were developing our values, the subject of care came up. Do we care about each other? Who do we need to care about? As we looked back at our discussions, we realized that, in a way, we were debating over who we didn’t have to care about! That realization made our answer crystal clear: yes, we do need to care, and care must be all-inclusive.

Sure, that’s easy to say, but what does that look like on a practical level? Let’s be honest. No one always likes everyone they work with. Does that mean we can’t still care about them? Absolutely not. Does all-inclusive care mean there’s never conflict? Negative ghost-rider. Conflict is often a necessary part of progress. Without contrasting ideas, it’s almost impossible to truly drive innovation. Can you engage in caring conflict? You bet!

Living and working by values like care mean you assume, look for, and point out the best in your team. Care means working together for the company’s and the customer’s greater good, rather than stepping on heads to get ahead. Showing care demonstrates the values we hold. It tells the truth, it trusts and respects others and their ideas, and it’s quick to forgive.

To be a company driven by care, though, you must go beyond just the team’s inner workings. You must demonstrate and extend all-inclusive care to everyone with whom you interact. Our shipping team cares about the UPS and FedEx guys who pick up from us each day. Our customer service team cares about the stressed-out homeowner on the phone who desperately needs a little guidance. Our sales team cares equally about the buying manager and the sales floor clerk.

Kindness is a bit of a buzzword. It’s simple to talk about being kind. Care, though…care requires putting kindness into action, even when it’s not easy. And when care isn’t shown, it means making it right. The right thing is often the hard thing, but the worthy thing.

Wayne Summons, Sashco’s Vice President of Research and Development and Technical Director,
retired on July 14, 2016 after 40 years of service.

Lexel Cartridges and Squeeze Tubes - Clear and White Caulk
Wayne invented Sashco’s flagship product, Lexel.

Inventor Extraordinaire

While Lexel® is perhaps Wayne’s most popular invention, his passion for innovation led him to create many more products throughout his years at Sashco (and he will no doubt continue his inventing ways during retirement). Wayne had a direct hand in or heavily influenced every other product sold by Sashco. He holds numerous U.S. and foreign patents.

Walking the Walk

Wayne began his career at Sashco in 1976. Just a few years out of college, he was recruited to be Sales Manager by Les Burch, Sashco’s president and Wayne’s college roommate. Wayne eventually found a home in his favorite part of the company, Research and Development. His passion for invention and developing new, unique products was contagious. Throughout the next 40 years, he helped build a culture of continuous improvement. “Products That Work” wasn’t just a tagline to a company logo. It’s what Wayne lived and breathed.

A Persistent Learner

Wayne in the old Sashco lab Wayne in the old Sashco lab

Around the building, Wayne was known for his love of vocabulary. (At times, grandiloquent. Always comme il faut.) He was a consummate learner and always shared his new-found knowledge with others. It wasn’t uncommon for Wayne to casually drop by Customer Service for an afternoon teaching session. His humble spirit was coupled with a persistence rarely found today. He was the driving force behind years of lab work finally coming to fruition in the marketplace. His work routine included years of early mornings, late nights, and weekends as he built an impressive legacy.

Wayne plans to spend a lot of time fishing and sleeping as he enters retirement. He will be missed. He left an indelible mark on Sashco that will never fade. We wish Wayne all the best as he enters the next chapter in life.

Thank you seems insufficient. We are grateful for 40 years of incredible service.


Sashco Celebrates 80 Years of Products That Work!

VIDEO: Sashco History – 1936 to 2016

Sashco has an 80 year history of delighting the customer with a better way that’s winning over pros and DIYers alike. Check out Extreme How-To magazine’s feature on Sashco’s storied history (along with the Unofficial History of Caulking).


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Sashco’s innovative products get the attention of, when third-generation owners Nick and Jeff Burch take an 80-year-old Sashco to new heights of productivity and innovation with new merchandising and packaging.


Happy 80th birthday and congratulations to Sashco for a remarkable 80-year journey in caulk and sealants.

For more than eight decades, Sashco has been dedicated to providing the highest quality products to homeowners and professionals. Sashco products are designed to improve the longevity and efficiency of all projects, from windows and doors to siding and decks.

Sashco has been a leader in the caulk and sealant industry for decades, and its commitment to innovation and quality has made it a trusted name. For 80 years, Sashco has been “delighting the customer with a better way,” from pioneering new application methods, developing new formulas for longer-lasting products, and making their products more accessible to the average consumer.

As Sashco celebrates 80 years of excellence, we feel grateful for our success and thank everyone for their commitment to a better building experience. Cheers to many more years! #SashcoTurns80

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Colorado-Based Sashco Celebrates 80 Years
of Creating High-Performance Home Improvement Products

Family-owned company celebrates milestone with log home service expansion and thriving sales of locally manufactured products


Sashco, Inc., a family-owned business was founded in 1940 and is still going strong today. President Les Burch is enthusiastic about the company’s future and what it can achieve in the coming years. As he put it, “Sashco, Inc. is 80 years young, and we’re revving up for the future.”


Got “Cabin Fever?” So do we! Sashco products are featured on national television again! We’re kind of a big deal like that (wink, wink).


Some people love Slab, a Sashco caulk product, so much, they had to dance about it before a Colorado Rockies game. (Thanks to Denver Flash Mob for helping Slab lovers in Denver express themselves.)