Scott Stropko Prowler2006 Prowler winner, Scott, has been a valuable member of the Sashco team for more than 15 years. In his roles at Sashco, Scott has spent time both selling in the Southwestern US and managing the Log Sales Division. Evidenced by his statement, “I was quite humbled when nominated for the Prowler. I never felt as though I was deserving—just doing my job”.”

Scott delivers not only a top-notch, professional level of service, but also brings humility, warmth and a sense of humor both to his position, and the company. His character has earned him an esteemed reputation with anyone who knows him. When asked what Scott values most about Sashco, he answered, “Our company’s values are Truth, Trust, Care, and Forgiveness. I believe my tenure is tightly related to the support I’ve received and the opportunity I’ve had to grow personally and professionally with these values as my foundation for making decisions and in the way I interact with others.”

Scott enjoyed driving the Prowler all year. However, one of Scott’s most entertaining memories is “taking the prowler through a DUI checkpoint on a Friday night and having 20 plus police officers surround the car, trying to figure out a way to see if I was intoxicated so they could take it and ‘impound it’ (take it for a little spin).” Fortunately, Scott was simply on his way home from Barnes and Noble, just enjoying the warm late night air with the top down.