sabrina-prowler-1Sabrina is the 2013 Prowler winner. She started with Sashco in April of 2005 as a Customer Service Rep. In 2012, she moved to Marketing as the Channel Marketing Specialist. Below is a brief interview with Sabrina.

Q: When you won the Prowler, what went through your head?
A: I said to myself, “Who’s that?” Since I just got married in August, I didn’t immediately recognize my name. Then I teared up when I realized it was me. It was an honor just to be nominated, not to mention chosen as winner!

Q: What do your kids think of the Prowler?
A: They love it.  They fight over who gets to ride in it.  The first day of school after I won the Prowler, they both begged to go to school in it, which is obviously impossible since it only seats 2. So, I had to take my son to school first, then go back home, pick up my daughter, and take her to school. Good thing we live so close! The attention they received when they got out of the car was priceless. My daughter practically floated out of the car.  

Q: Who drives the Prowler more, you or your hubby?
A: Billy does. He loves flashy yellow cars like his Camaro!

Q: What trips do you plan to take in the Prowler this year?
A: A few mountain dates with the hubby and a few mommy/kiddo dates. I have to share the love or else jealousy will set in.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working at Sashco?
A: The Sashco people and our customers.  Having great products is a bonus.    

Congratulations to Sabrina (and her family)!