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Can Linseed Oil Really Promote Mold Growth?

Fact or Fiction: Linseed oil is food for mold; therefore, you should never use a stain with linseed oil in…


What You Need to Know Before Staining Your Log Home.

Prep Time So now it’s time to prepare your wood for staining. Substrate preparation is the most critical step in…


Why It’s Important To Remove Wood Fuzz After Media Blasting.

What is secondary prep? After you’ve gotten down to clean sound wood it’s time to clean up and remove wood…


Insider Tip With the Trade-Secret for Long-Lasting Wood Stain.

Let’s talk about lasting wood stain. First, take a moment to think back to your childhood. What was one thing…

For Log Lovers

Wood Staining Tips: How to Prep Wood for Stain.

Whether you’re building a new log home or simply restoring your existing log home, these wood staining tips will have…