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Pro Caulking Tips

Paint & Custom Colors

Painting Caulk: 6 Important Things You Must Know.

Finding the right caulk that checks off every box can be challenging. Painting caulk gets even more complicated. Before you…

Kitchen & Bath

The Best Shower Caulk To Prevent Mildew.

Renovating a bathroom comes with plenty of unique challenges. As a contractor, you know how tough it can be to…

Mind-blowing Tips And Tricks

How to Choose the Best Exterior Caulk

As a contractor, it can be difficult to find a balance between performance and productivity. Water-based sealants are very easy…

Pro Caulking Tips

Choosing the Best Caulking Gun | Caulk Bead Quality & Thrust Ratio.

What’s the fuss about caulk guns? Many of us don’t give caulk guns much thought. Typically, they’re the inexpensive throw-away…

Mortar & Stucco

Tips You Need to Know to Revive Your Chimney Using Mor-Flexx Caulk.

What do you get when you bring in a contractor and a manufacturer together for a project?We say: A successful…

Mind-blowing Tips And Tricks

Caulk Shrinkage | Why Does Caulk Shrink & How to Avoid It?

You just applied the perfect caulking bead. So, then what’s up with the caulk shrinkage? It was even with the…

Pro Caulking Tips

The Surprising Reason Caulking Over Silicone is a Big No-No.

Can you caulk over silicone? In a word, no. No, your new caulk won’t stick to silicone caulk. Sorry to…

Mind-blowing Tips And Tricks

How to Smooth Lexel and Through the Roof! Caulking

We hear you: Lexel® and Through the Roof!® are sticky. An example of stringy caulking. Look familiar?

Pro Caulking Tips

Sashco Roof Sealant Makes Repairs as Simple as ABC!

When you need a roof sealant that works and is easy to use, choose Through the Roof! Does this sound…

Pro Caulking Tips

Which Sashco Caulk is Best with Window Flashing Tape?

  Flashing tape – also called self-adhered flashing – being installed (Photo courtesy