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Remove Caulk Silicone

How to remove old caulk and silicone

Everyone has some ugly, cracked caulk, or a string of silicone dangling off the bathtub rim. Here’s how to remove caulk so you can start over with a proper caulking job.

  1. Gather tools

    You’ll need:

    • Utility knife to cut out old caulk
    • Heat gun for stubborn caulk
    • Putty knife or painter’s 5-in-1 tool
    • McKanica® Silicone Caulk Remover or other similar product to remove silicone (if present)
    • Mineral spirits or lacquer thinner (for latex and polyurethane caulks)
  2. Apply the caulk remover, mineral spirits or lacquer thinner

    Don’t spread it all over the place. Keep it to the bond line. It will take some time to work. Follow instructions on the package for wait time.


  3. Use the utility knife, putty knife or painter’s tool to lift up the loosened caulk

    Be gentle. Bulls in china shops need not apply here. Cut and lift away a little at a time to preserve the surface around the caulk.

  4. Apply the caulk

    Be smooth about it now. A steady hand will save you clean up later and contribute to that wicked awesome glare we talked about above.


  5. Clean up

    Throw away the stuff you removed, then get yourself some Sashco products to re-do the work.

Special Tip

Removal isn’t always necessary! Some caulks will stick to themselves (including all Sashco products) and all that’s necessary is another bead of caulk over the top. If you used a Sashco product, forget how to remove caulk and get to work. If you used a different brand, contact us to find out if the easy repair is an option for you.