On the Prowl For Excellent Employees

Les Burch Prowler

Sashco President Les Burch standing next to the “Cheetah Express,” the esteemed prize that one employee wins every year.

Imagine you’re on “The Price Is Right” and you just heard Rod say “You’ve just won a new car!” Lights are flashing, bells are ringing, and you’re jumping up and down. Here at Sashco, that’s just another day for Prowler winners. They drive around a bright yellow Chrysler Prowler for a full year and are even given a special parking spot at the home office. And fuel? Paid! That’s part of the prize package.

Les Burch, president of Sashco, instituted the Prowler award back in 2001 as a way to recognize and show appreciation for one special employee each year. Nominated by their peers, all Prowler winners have all been employees for at least 5 years and have demonstrated their willingness and ability to be team players. They are known for upholding Sashco’s values of truth, trust, care and forgiveness both in word and action.

All nominees are reviewed by the Prowler committee, made up of past Prowler winners. Each candidate is evaluated based on a specific set of criteria and the winner is announced each November at Sashco’s annual employee fete, the Big Cat Bash.

Find out more about the winners and their experiences as Prowler award winners below.

Cheetah Express Winners