Matching Custom Colored Caulk Solutions

Custom Colored Caulk

Custom Colored CaulkCertain caulking projects just don’t look right without a great color match. That’s why Sashco makes eXact color®, which let’s you add your custom paint for the perfect color match. Not matching a paint color? Big Stretch® and Conceal® come in many colors and wood tones so you can find the custom colored caulk you need:

Features eXact color® Big Stretch® Conceal®
 Exact Color Cartridge  BIG ctg 10oz Beauty  CNL GT 10oz Beauty
Colors Match your color – just add latex paint, and mix 12 colors plus clear 7 colors to closely match popular wood stain colors
Sheen Satin, semi-gloss, gloss Satin Textured to mimic wood grain
Clean-up Water Water Water