Melanie - 2017 Sashco Prowler Winner

Melanie – Sashco’s 2017 Prowler Winner

We are excited to congratulate Melani, 2017’s Prowler Award winner. Melani is the Customer Service Manager at Sashco and has been with the company for eight years total.

In 2016, the throw-back DeLorean replaced the Chrysler Prowler. Turns out the DeLorean is efficient at moving folks forward, not just back in time. It’s not every day you get the opportunity to drive a DeLorean, so we sat down with Melani to hear firsthand how she’s enjoyed the experience. When asked what first went through her mind after realizing she’d won the award, Melani overwhelmed us with her long-winded answer. It went something like – “What?”

Let’s just say she was a little shocked. Once the initial shock wore off, Melani tells us she’s gotten the hang of cruising (fast, but not too fast according to her) in such a cool ride.

In addition to driving the car to Thanksgiving this year where she wowed all nine of her nieces and nephews, Melani, her husband, and their daughters mostly enjoy cruising around town. She’s even managed to impress a few high school students with her, “vintage-awesome ride.” While Melani has certainly enjoyed the benefits of being this year’s Prowler Award winner, she told us without hesitation, that her very favorite part of working at Sashco is, “The people, people, people.” Little wonder Melani excels in her customer service role here at Sashco. Congratulations Melani and keep up the amazing work!