Richard Shull ProwlerRichard started at Sashco “many moons ago” and is 2012’s Prowler Winner. When he heard his name called as the winner, his immediate thought was, “how in the world will I fit my duck decoys, my gun and my two dogs in there?” Well, now he has a year to figure it out.

During his many moons at Sashco as Maintenance and Quality Assurance Manager, Richard has been in charge of keeping the Sashco factory running and quality standards high. This means many hours under or in machines, lots of fun in the quality control lab, and a lot of sweat, grease and grime. His hard work helps keep Sashco’s products rolling out the doors.

While he has no set plans for the Prowler yet, he tell us that a few mountain drives are in order. Richard enjoys “coaching (football, wrestling, shooting sports, and more), camping, fishing, hunting, just about anything outdoors,” so we expect the Prowler to experience some new adventures this year as it spends time in the rugged outdoors with Richard, his duck decoys and his family. (We are also predicting many more car washes for the Prowler this year.)

Congratulations to Richard!