For professionally prepared log and wood surfaces every time

Sashco has all the equipment you need to media blast your log or wood home to prepare it for the perfect staining job.

Media Blasting

Kernel® Features

  • Dry blasting – no water forced into wood
  • Runs with both corn cob and crushed glass media
  • Industrial (185-220 cfm) air compressor necessary
  • PAPR respirator required with use

New Age® Crushed Glass Media Features

  • Dry blast media – no water forced into wood
  • Made from 100% recycled glass – environmentally friendly
  • Great for new and restoration log home projects
  • Chemically inert – won’t cause silicosis of the lungs like sand media, won’t soak up moisture and grow mold like corn cob media
  • Safe for plants and feet – not sharp, won’t soak up water intended for plants

Corn Cob Media Features

  • Dry blast media – no water forced into wood
  • Made from 100% recycled corn cobs – environmentally friendly
  • Great for removing older stains and UV damaged wood

Media blasting is ideal for removing UV damaged wood and existing paint and stains on log homes. Use it interior and exterior, on new log homes and restoration projects alike.

Learn how to do media blasting on your log home:

Download Informational PDFs:

Kernel Info Sheet

Keeping the Dream Alive – Sashco’s Complete Guide to Log and Wood Home Finishing and Maintenance

Restoring the Dream – Sashco’s Guide to Log Home Restoration

Watch how to media blast logs using crushed glass and corn cob media in Sashco’s Kernel media blaster.

Product Overview

Sashco’s Kernel® Media Blaster is made specifically for media blasting wood and log homes!

Media blasting makes removing stain from log and wood structures easier and faster than ever. Because it uses only dry media, no water is forced into the wood. Dry time is eliminated, risk of rot, mold and mildew is reduced, and stains, chinking and caulking can be applied immediately afterwards. Stop playing the waiting game and get prep done faster.

Sashco’s Kernel® Media Blaster works with both crushed glass and corn cob media, both of which are environmentally-friendly and gentle on wood.

Crushed glass media works like millions of tiny surgical steel blades, making precise and quick work of removing both fresh and old coatings and stains, as well as UV-damaged wood. It leaves the healthy wood underneath intact and creates a lightly textured surface for improved stain adhesion and longevity. Finish sanding with Sashco’s Buffy Pad system or Osborn® brushes can be done afterwards to reduce wood texturing.

Corn cob media also works to remove old coatings and stains, as well as UV-damaged wood. It keeps the healthy wood underneath intact, and when followed by finish sanding with Osborn® brushes or Sashco’s Buffy Pad system, leaves behind a lightly textured surface ideal for stain adhesion and longevity.

Osborn® is a registered trademark of Osborn International.