Karin - 2014 Sashco Prowler Winner

Karin – Sashco’s 2014 Prowler Winner

Karin is the 2014 winner of the Prowler award. She joined Sashco in June 2009 as Senior Accountant. Below is a brief interview with Karin.

Q: When you won the Prowler, what went through your head?
A: “OH MY GOSH, there are so many other deserving people.”  I was embarrassed to get up in front of everyone. Such kind words were being said about me.

Q: What does your hubby think of the Prowler?
A: Mike thinks it will be fun for a couple of “oldies” to take on some weekend drives.  He expressed how happy he was for me. I told him I won because he was always at home  to do the home chores for me. (He is retired.)

Q: Who drives the Prowler more, you or your hubby?
A: I drive it to work a lot, but when we go for a weekend trips, he drives it a little more than me.

Q: What trips do you plan to take in the Prowler during the year you have it?
A: I plan to introduce the Prowler to a lot of Colorado. I have family in Pueblo, Fort Collins, Steamboat Springs, and Colorado Springs.  I love Glenwood Springs, Estes Park, and Aspen, so we’ll probably head those directions. We spent our honeymoon (39 years ago!) in Breckenridge, so it will be fun to relive that trip in a fun, “all that” kind of car. When we went on our honeymoon, Mike had a big 2-door Ford LTD.  That was more of an old folks car, yet I was only 21. Now at the grand old age of 59+, I get to be in a sporty “all that” fun car! I have finally arrived.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working at Sashco?
A: Some of the companies I worked at in the past were experiencing difficult financial health as a company. Not so here at Sashco, where employee welfare (salaries, health benefits etc…) is a priority. This means being fiscally sound is a priority. Everyone always says it’s the people at Sashco, and it really is the people. We have all walks of life here, yet we’re all accepting of each other for who we are – not for who someone thinks we should be. I also smile at the fun “corny” events we have here at Sashco. It’s fun to watch those extroverts get out there in front of everyone and be unafraid. I am never too old to learn. Who knows? Someone may bring me more and more out of my shell. If I had to use one word, I believe attitude in how a person approaches another is what makes a person enjoy working. That is how I approach every day here at Sashco (well, maybe not every day) and I think I can make a difference with a POSITIVE attitude and make those around me SMILE and do the same. That is why I work here!

Congratulations to Karin on her well-deserved win!