Jeremy - 2015 Sashco Prowler Winner

Jeremy takes his first sit in the Sashco Prowler.

Congratulations to Jeremy, Sashco’s 2015 Prowler winner. Jeremy has been with Sashco since March of 2003. (That’s 13 years, for those who don’t like to do math.)

As a Lab Tech on our Research and Development team, he has fun testing our existing products, helping formulate new products, and participating in general shenanigans in the Lab.

We did a short interview with Jeremy to find out how the Prowler win might affect his every day life.

Q: What went through your head when you saw your name as the Prowler winner?
A: Hey, that’s my name.  What’s my name doing up there?

Q: What places do you plan to take the Prowler this year?
A: I haven’t mapped out any specific trips yet, but it will definitely be going into the mountains a little off the beaten path.

Q: The Prowler can go fast. Do you like to drive fast?
A: As I sit at my desk thinking about how to answer this question, I’m looking at a broken Ford piston and a series of bent VW valves from motors past.  I wouldn’t say that I drive fast, but I don’t get passed very often.


Q: How did you get the Prowler home after your win?
A: I drove it.  But my truck rode home on a trailer.

Congratulations to Jeremy, a most worthy Prowler winner.

Jeremy with Sashco President Les by the Prowler

Jeremy with Sashco President Les Burch by the Prowler