Gil Lopez Prowler2003’s Prowler winner was Gil. Gil started at Sashco in 1989 as a temp in the Display department. After working as a temp for six months, Gil was hired full-time in Display and Production. In 1998, Gil was promoted to Display Crew Leader, and promoted again in 2002 to Production Floor Manager. Gil currently serves as Sashco’s Production Manager where she manages Display and Literature, as well as the production floor. When asked how she felt upon hearing her name called as the 2003 Prowler winner, Gil simply summed it up with one word — “shocked!”

Gil had countless memorable experiences while driving the Prowler. Some of her experiences included being followed home by strangers hoping for a closer look at the car, people wanting to take pictures with the car, and appeasing drooling high school kids just aching for a moment to sit in the car as they daydreamed. Gil’s fondest memory however, was having her parents sit in the car with big smiles on their faces, knowing that they had never sat in anything like that before. “In that moment,” commented Gil, “I knew how proud they were of all my hard work. This was for them as much as it was for me. That is priceless.”