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How to Caulk a Kitchen Backsplash | Tips for Caulking a Backsplash

If you’ve just added or replaced your kitchen backsplash, you know how much it can add to your kitchen’s aesthetic…

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How to Maintain Your Bathroom Sealant

Bathroom caulk or sealant is meant to last a long time, just like any brand will tell you right on…

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How to Caulk a Kitchen Sink | Kitchen Sink Sealant

Knowing how to caulk a sink is essential for any kitchen remodel. Not just any caulk will do for this…

Sello y Chink

How To Repair Sealants on Your Log Home | Log Cabin Sealant

So, you did a stellar job of sealing cracks and checks in your log home. Hooray! Now, a couple of…

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How to Caulk or Chink a Log Home

First things first. You’ll need a supply of Log Jam® chinking, Log Builder®, or Conceal®. (Give our friendly and knowledgeable…

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How to Make a Butt-Joint | Log Cabin Construction Techniques

This month we’re talking about building a nice butt. Nope, not that kind of butt. We mean butt-joints! Our very…

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How to Smooth Lexel and Through the Roof! Caulking

We hear you: Lexel® and Through the Roof!® are sticky. An example of stringy caulking. Look familiar?

Caulking 101

How to Caulk | 5 Easy Steps for Caulking

Watch this video for some easy-to-do caulking tips: