How to custom color your caulk

Your beautiful crown molding is looking a bit ragged around the edges…you know, where the caulk split. But you don’t want to re-caulk AND re-paint. Or, maybe your tired of that bright white caulk line on your granite counter top. Here’s what you need to know to make custom color caulk to perfectly match your custom color paint or surface for an all around custom (and easier) fix.  

What You'll Need

  • eXact color®

    eXact color® is the easiest and fastest way to create custom-colored caulk with no tools required

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  • 1

    Gather tools

    You’ll need:

    • eXact color caulk
    • Your custom color paint
    • Some bongo drums (and someone to beat them for you)

  • 2

    Mix Up eXact Color

    Follow the directions. It’s pretty simple. There’s lots of shaking involved, so have a friend pound out a beat on the drums while you shake it up.

    Step 2 shake for 60 

  • 3

    Start caulking

    After eXact color has set up (wait the full 30 minutes), get going with the actual caulking.

    Step 4 Final results


 Special Tip

Don’t care to paint your caulk? Use eXact color every time you need to caulk around custom painted surfaces. Our custom color caulk matches paint colors, won’t crack over the caulk like paint does, and is just plain easier all around. (Yes, it’s a shameless plug for our product, but really: who wants the extra step of painting every time?)