Diana Penn Prowler2005 Prowler winner, Daina, joined the Sashco team in 1997, as the only graphic designer. Daina has spent the past 13 years at Sashco producing stellar design work and successfully fulfilling her personal mission to “attract the customer” with her packaging and promotional design. She now passes on her knowledge, experience and talent at Sashco by mentoring a design staff of three people. Daina explains that, “When it was first announced in 2001 that an employee could win that car for a year, I had a goal. I wanted to win. What I didn’t know was winning this car was one of the most humbling experiences I would ever go through.”

Just four years later, Daina achieved her goal when she drove home with the Prowler. When asked how it felt to hear her named called as the 2005 Prowler winner, she explained that, “When you hear Les call your name your first reaction is to say, ‘Oh I’m so glad so-and-so won the car,’ then you look around and realize the name that was called was yours and all of a sudden you don’t really know what to do. A lot of us have a hidden goal or desire to win the Prowler but when it actually happens, it kind of just makes you feel numb inside. You start to realize they have chosen you as someone who meets a high criteria required in your work and the values Sashco stands for—truth, trust, care & forgiveness. It’s very humbling.”

Cruising around town in a bright yellow Prowler naturally generates a certain amount of attention – we asked Daina to share one of her fondest memories from her year in the Prowler. Daina said, “The day after I won I was driving in my neighborhood and a neighbor of mine writes, prints and sends out a weekly newspaper in our area. I live in the small town of Frederick, CO. She waved me down to ask me if I bought the car. I laughed and proceeded to tell her the story. She was so impressed with Sashco and what happened that she wrote an article and took a picture of me in the car for the front page. The next week I found it in my mailbox. A few days later I went to the grocery store and the checkout lady read my name on my check and asked me if I drove the car to the store. She wanted to see it. I had that happen a lot after that article went out. No matter where I went – the gas station, post office, grocery store—people asked me about the car and Sashco. A lot of people asked if we were hiring! I could have collected a lot of resumes that year. Definitely a fun, fast and humbling experience and one I’ll always remember.”