The Right Bathroom Caulk for Every Job


Sashco BathroomFew rooms require as much attention to proper sealing as your bathroom. Bathtubs, showers, toilets, and sinks all move a lot, which means they need the right kind of bathroom caulk to avoid water damage. There have never been more surfaces, colors, and styles to contend with when selecting the proper bathroom caulk. Use the chart below to select the right Sashco caulk for your bathroom project. All three great products are engineered to last in the toughest bathroom conditions.

Features Lexel® Big Stretch® MildewFree*
lexel clear caulk  BIG ctg 10oz Beauty  
Colors Clear, White 12 Colors and Clear White, Linen
Sheen Gloss Satin Flat
Clean-Up Mineral spirits Water Water
Can Be Applied To
Wet Surfaces
Yes No
(During application only. Will repel water once cured.)
(During application only. Will repel water once cured.)
Mildew Resistant Yes No Yes

*Cured sealant is mildew resistant. Sashco offers a 7-year re-installation warranty if mildew grows on MildewFree.