MildewFree Sealant*

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    This bathtub and shower are sealed with MildewFree.

    For most people, “mildew” is a four-letter word. Moldy and mildewed caulking means bad smells, ruined aesthetics, and wasted time and money every time you have to replace that caulk. Stop the re-caulking cycle with Sashco’s high-performance MildewFree Sealant*. It’s loaded with super doses of environmentally-safe and nose-friendly biocides that effectively prevent mildew growth on the caulk year after year. Plus, it’s extremely elastic, able to expand and contract with every-day movement. Cracked, mildewed caulk is eliminated, and your free time is actually free again.

    You can use MildewFree Sealant* all around your house, including:

    • Kitchen & bathroom fixtures
    • Shower surrounds, bathtubs, toilets
    • For resetting tiles
    • Back splashes & sinks

    It adheres to most building materials, including:


    • Aluminum • Brass • Steel


    • ABS • Nylon • PVC • Acrylic Sheet • Plexiglass • Urethane • Fiberglass • Polycarbonate • Vinyl • Lexan®* • Polystyrene

    Other Surfaces

    • Marble • Slate • Stone • Brick • Granite • Stucco • Cinder Block • Formica®* • Tile • Concrete • Glass • Wood • Corian®* • Drywall • Mortar

    Don’t see your surface listed? Contact us and ask us if it’s OK.

    Where Not to Use:

    • Areas of water submersion or frequent, prolonged puddling such as drains, pools, hot tubs or saunas
    • On copper (it will discolor it). Use Sashco’s Lexel® instead.
    • Will not adhere to or is incompatible with polypropylene, waxes, polyethylene, Teflon®, and silicone


    *Teflon®, Lexan®, Formica®,  and Corian® are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    In this video, Andy, a Chemist at Sashco, shows you how to remove old caulk and apply MildewFree around your bathtub.

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Why MildewFree Sealant*?

  • Mildew doesn’t stand a chance: Loaded with biocides to keep mold and mildew at bay day-in-and-day-out.
  • Avoid repeated repairs: Just say no to zippered, cracked caulking. MildewFree* is ultra-elastic with tenacious adhesion for a years-long, last­ing seal.
  • Keeps water where it belongs: Soft and elastic to move with your sink, tub, or shower to prevent water infiltration that can lead to mold, mildew, and rot.
  • Easy on the nose and fingers: Water-based for easy application and clean-up; low-odor.
  • Professional-looking results every time: Easy to smooth for a neat, clean bead every time.
  • Exclusive 7 year, labor-included guarantee**

**7 year guarantee: MildewFree Sealant* is guaranteed for 7 years to prevent mildew growth on the sealant. If mildew growth occurs on the sealant (not on soap film)**, within 7 years of purchase, Sashco will replace the product and provide a contractor for reinstallation. Proof of purchase is required. Warranty applies to single family residential use only. No other warranties expressed or implied.

Clean regularly to prevent soap film build up and mildew growth on soap film.