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The Best Caulk

The best caulk (for its intended use) that I’ve used in 35 years of residential, commercial construction. It’s the proper consistency for intended use, works well, has great adhesion, and water clean-up.”
– Craig Jaynes, Amazon.com review

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Don't Look Back

“Since that fateful day, I’ve not looked back. We’ve used this caulk in almost every situation that calls for latex caulk. This includes all crown molding, baseboard, or other molding surface installs, our siding install, and various other useful applications for the Big Stretch. It has worked flawlessly since we first installed it on our dining room crown molding. The dining room crown was installed in October 2004 and is still crack free almost seven years later.”
– Web review, click here to read more +

Big Stretch Windows

No More Problems

“I manage an apartment complex with 284 units. In the past, I have had some major issues with mold/mildew around my windows. Since I have been using the MildewFree Sealant and the Big Stretch around my windows, I no longer have any problems. Unlike other sealants, you don't have to tear them out and replace them every time you turn an apartment, and they are fully paintable. These products are amazing and I will be using Sashco’s other sealants in the future. I highly recommend these products to anyone who is in property management. They will save you a lot of time and money down the road.”
– Robert F, Bentonville, AR

Big Stretch Testimonial Image #1

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Easy to use

Easy to smooth and clean-up with water. No special chemicals required.

Sticks, even to difficult surfaces

Compatible with a wide variety of building materials, including difficult ones like vinyl windows and siding. No need to search for a product specific to every different surface.

Cuts down on repeated repairs

Just say no to brittle, cracked caulking. Stays soft and elastic over time for a years-long, lasting seal.


Paint adheres like a pro, so go ahead and paint your wall bright blue. Also available in 12 colors and clear, in case you don’t want to paint it.