August 2016 Logs Ain’t Wood eNews

Read Now It's the very first Logs Ain't Wood eNews! We promise helpful (but not boring) information every time. Here's what you'll find in this August 2016 edition: Find out what to expect in this new eNewsletter. Meet Manfred, our featured Contractor. Are those black spots on your log home mildew or algae? And more! … Continued

11 Tips When Looking For A Log Home Contractor

So you’re ready to stain your new log cabin, or perhaps you’re looking to completely restore one you just bought. Maybe you just need some routine maintenance done, and you’re definitely in DIFM mode. (That’s “Do It For Me.”) How do you find a good log home finishing contractor to help? Sashco partnered with Log Home … Continued

5 Signs It’s Time to Maintain Cascade Clear Coat

You’ve been livin’ the log home dream, enjoying your log cabin getaway, and definitely not thinking much about maintaining your log home stain. Then, a couple years in, you notice that the Capture® and Cascade® you used to stain your log home has lost a bit of its original lustre. Besides lost lustre, what else should you … Continued

How to Apply Log Home Stain Samples

Your dream log home isn’t that far off. Proper application of log stain samples is the only way to make sure you get the color you want the first time.   Shopping from a log stain color chart is a bit like shopping from a catalog. What if it doesn’t look like the picture? Can … Continued

The (Messy) History of Chinking

On last week’s episode of Cabin Fever, Grizzly Bob gave us a brief history of chinking while showing Sashco’s Log Jam® being applied to Crazy Mountain Brewing Company’s offices in Edwards, CO.   It got us thinking of other chinking recipes we’ve come across: Two parts Portland cement, one part oakum, one part random grass found … Continued

Sashco Products Used on National Geographic’s “Cabin Fever”

We’ve been saying it for years…”Logs Ain’t Wood.” Now, more people than ever are going to hear it. (Did we mention that we’re going to be on TV?!) Today, February 24th, at 10pm EST, National Geographic Channel’s new series “Cabin Fever” is set to premier. They’ll be following Heim Log Homes as they build eight incredible log … Continued

Black Spots on Your Home: Is It Really Mildew?

Mildew vs. Algae:     What is that black stuff growing on my house? Mildew, right? Well…maybe not. For the past few decades, homeowners, contractors, and paint and stain manufacturers have automatically labeled black spots on paints and stains as “mildew,” but recent studies have shown that as much as 50% of these black growths are actually … Continued

Chinking 101: How to Apply Chinking

First thing first, choose a good quality chinking. Let Sashco teach you how to apply chinking! We prefer Log Jam, it has been the recognized industry stander in elasticity, adhesion and durability since 1985. So what makes it so great and what should you expect from a quality chinking product? Log Jam moves with your … Continued

Sashco Thanks You

Dear Friends and Loyal Patrons, Sashco would like to take a moment to say thanks. Thanks for making our caulking and stains look so darn good. Thank you for giving us a reason to wake up, drink some coffee and head into work everyday. We live to make awesome caulking and stains for your do-it-yourself … Continued

Staining Tips: Part 4 – Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Everyone knows that a $30 oil change twice a year beats a $2,000 mechanic’s bill. Routine maintenance on your logs, timbers or wood could be the difference between $2,000 every 3-5 years or $20,000 to completely redo the job. It’s truly the key to “a better way to stain.” 1. Cleanliness is still a … Continued