Finding a Better Way

Is that mold and mildew in your bathroom under the caulk or on top of it?

Mold is a four-letter word. (And mildew wants to be one.) It never seems to go away. Even if you re-caulk your bathtub or shower, it seems to come back over and over again. Argh! But WHY does it come back over and over again? Answer: Sometimes, the mold and mildew in your bathroom is growing under the caulk. This means new caulk won’t fix it. (Say what?!?!) Yep. Even if you replace the caulk, the mildew is still there, so it just comes back and you end up where you started. So,... Read More

Wayne Summons, Sashco VP of Research and Development, Retires

Wayne Summons, Sashco’s Vice President of Research and Development and Technical Director, retired on July 14, 2016 after 40 years of service. Inventor Extraordinaire While Lexel® is perhaps Wayne’s most popular invention, his passion for innovation led him to create many more products throughout his years at Sashco (and he will no doubt continue his inventing ways during retirement). Wayne had a direct hand in or heavily influenced every other product sold by Sashco. He holds numerous U.S. and foreign patents. Walking the Walk Wayne began his career at Sashco in 1976.... Read More

Will my new caulk stick to silicone?

NO. No, your new caulk won’t stick to silicone caulk. Sorry to be so abrupt, but it’s the truth. You can stop reading now if you don’t want all of the details and the whys. Here at Sashco, we love the “whys,” so we’re trudging ahead. Fact is: nothing will stick to silicone – not even silicone. For the average person who needs to re-caulk their windows, bathtub, or anything else around the house, failed silicone means starting over from the very beginning. Why won’t your new caulk stick to silicone?... Read More

Why does caulk shrink and how can I avoid it?

  You just applied the perfect caulking bead. It was even with the surface. You even outlined the joint with painter’s tape to make sure it looked clean when done. Now, a couple days later, the caulk bead has gone concave. It’s the incredible shrinking caulk! What happened? Have no fear: shrinking caulk is actually a good thing. Shrinking Caulk = Better Performance Fact is, shrinking caulk is a sign of good elasticity. In order to achieve that elasticity, fewer fillers are used. Those fillers are great for creating a nice,... Read More

Through the Roof vs. Roof Asphalt and Roof Cement: Which Is Better?

It’s a bold claim: Sashco’s Through the Roof!® lasts at least 20 times longer than roof asphalt and roof cement. The roof asphalt guys don’t really like to hear it, but laboratory tests prove it. (Read on to see what we mean.) Plus, Through the Roof!® just looks better. It’s crystal clear so your roof looks like a roof after repairs instead of a field of patches.   The lab test results left no room for argument. In accordance with ASTM C793-05 – Laboratory Accelerated Weather on Elastomeric Joint Sealants... Read More

How to Smooth Lexel and Through the Roof! Caulking

We hear you: Lexel® and Through the Roof!® are sticky. Sticky isn’t all bad – like when it sticks to the surface you’re sealing and doesn’t let go! – but when it’s all over your fingers, making a stringy mess? Yuck. Here are some tips on how to to smooth Lexel® and Through the Roof!® caulking to keep your fingers and clothes clean and your caulking projects frustration-free. (HINT: These tips apply to silicone, too…but as you can see here, Lexel® is far superior to silicone.) 1. Find your smoothing tool.... Read More

Lexel: The Clearest Clear Sealant vs. The Other Clear Sealants

When it comes to caulks and sealants, what does “clear” usually mean? For most caulk makers and users, “clear” usually means cloudy, or slightly white, or sickly gray. Rarely does it mean what people are actually looking for: something that you can look through that doesn’t skew what’s on the other side. (Think of a window or plastic wrap.) What does clear mean on a Lexel® sealant cartridge? It means a rating of 6 on the NTU scale. Pure, filtered water is rated a 0 on the NTU scale. We mean clear,... Read More

Can I Use Through the ROOF! On Existing Roof Repair Products?

Does this sound familiar? “I have sealed this same leak four times with roofing tar and each time, the leak returns.” You’re not alone. You want something to seal that nagging roof leak, but don’t want to spend even more time removing all of the other roof repair products you’ve already used. Good news: no need to remove existing roof repairs! Sashco’s Through the ROOF!® will stick to and seal over a variety of existing roof repair products, including: Asphalt Roof cement Bitumen products EPDM rubber* Most roof sheet coatings And... Read More

Which Sashco Caulk is Best with Flashing Tape?

  Keep the weather where it belongs: outside! That’s the job of both Sashco’s caulks and sealants and flashing tape (also called self-adhered flashing).Both are designed to work in concert with various building materials to create an air- and water-tight barrier that keeps moisture out and peace of mind intact. Where and how is flashing tape used? Flashing tape is installed to both the rough opening of a window or door, as well as after a window or door has been hung in place and secured with fasteners. This is done... Read More

How Water-Based Caulk Dries

Rain and humidity and my caulk won’t dry – oh my! The United States experienced the wettest May on record in 2015. All of that rain was great for flowers, trees, and weeds. For some, it created another problem: caulking that took a lot longer than normal to dry. Why? How do water-based caulking and sealants dry (aka cure)? The short answer is: by evaporation. (Here is a quick trip back to elementary science for a great explanation.) The combination of wet weather and the accompanying cooler temperatures creates an abundance... Read More